WUMCAA organizes several events and programs specifically for medical students

From the White Coat Ceremony on, the Washington University School of Medicine Alumni & Constituent Relations Office is a resource for you!

We are your source of information for the programs and events below, and we hope you will take advantage of the opportunities in place for you. If you’re a recent graduate, please visit the Young Alumni page.

Student Programs

Student Events

The Alumni and Constituent Relations office hosts student snack breaks in the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center and presents gifts at events like the White Coat Ceremony and Commencement. See the calendar below for upcoming events:

2019 – 2020 Calendar

August, 2019 White Coat Ceremony
September, 2019 Student Group Funding Request Applications available
October 15, 2019 First- and Second-Year Fall Snack Break
March, 2020 Match Day
March, 2020 Fourth-Year Class Dinners
Spring, 2020
First- and Second-Year Spring Snack Break
May 2, 2020 Reunion 2020 Awards Dinner and Welcome to the Graduating Class of 2020
May 15, 2020 Commencement & Welcome to the Alumni Association