Nursing Reunion

May 19, 2016

The 2016 Nursing Reunion was held at the Saint Louis Art Museum. Nursing alumnae enjoyed a luncheon at the Panorama Restaurant and have the chance to view the collection.


**Photos from the 2016 Nursing Reunion**

*Nursing Reunions are held every other year in even-numbered years. All nursing alumnae are invited to reunion.*

History of the School of Nursing

The Washington University School of Nursing, originally called the Training School for Nurses, was organized in 1905. The three-year non-collegiate program led to a diploma in nursing. The first class of five nurses graduated in 1908. In 1924 the School was reorganized and became the School of Nursing. At that time, a five-year program leading to a bachelor of science degree in Nursing was added, combining a two-year program of college courses with three years of nurses’ training.

The first class of five nurses graduated in 1908.

In 1951 a Master of Science Degree in Nursing was introduced. Candidates for the degree could specialize in the fields of teaching in clinical nursing, supervision in hospital nursing services, maternal and child nursing, psychiatric nursing and medical-surgical nursing. In 1954 the School of Nursing was reorganized and placed directly under Washington University, thus becoming an autonomous school of the university. Prior to 1954, the School of Nursing had been under the supervision of the university’s School of Medicine.

Washington University discontinued its three-year diploma and five-year degree programs in the 1950s, as did other university programs at the time. Hospital schools of nursing were taking over the responsibility of training nurses in programs leading to a degree in nursing. In 1957 the final classes of diploma and degree students of the Washington University School of Nursing graduated under the old plan. In 1958 the university developed plans to establish a four-year basic Baccalaureate Program in Nursing. Funding secured, the first class was admitted in September 1961.

All nursing programs were terminated in July 1969. Over its 64-year history, the Washington University School of Nursing graduated over 2,000 nurses.