Class Endowed Scholarships

For its 25th Reunion celebration in 1994, the Class of 1969 launched a new tradition at the School of Medicine by raising enough funds to establish an endowed scholarship in the name of the class. When this effort concluded, Garry Fathman, one of the leaders of the drive, challenged the Class of ’70 to raise its own endowed scholarship. The Class of ’70 successfully rose to the occasion and then challenged the next year’s 25th Reunion class to continue the tradition. This tradition has endured, and as of July 2011, there are 27 class-endowed scholarships.

To endow a scholarship, a class must raise at least $100,000 specifically for this fund. The scholarship can be awarded one year after the $100,000 level is reached. When the scholarship is endowed, alumni can continue to give to the fund so that a scholarship can be bestowed every year thereafter.

Class Annual Scholarships

Beginning with the 2011 Reunion celebration, the younger alumni classes decided to begin establishing $5,000 annual class scholarships in honor of their Reunion, a tradition that still continues.

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