Reunion Giving

Each year, MD alumni preparing for their reunion make a special effort to support the School of Medicine. This effort begins when volunteers from each reunion serve as the chairs and steering committee members for their classes.

Volunteers write, call and email their classmates, encouraging them to attend the reunion and to make reunion giving part of their celebration.

Giving is an important part of your reunion class celebration. Any gift to the School of Medicine’s Annual Fund, whether it is unrestricted, for scholarships, or designated as program support for departments and divisions, will count toward your class’s Reunion Gift effort. Many alumni make a special class gift during a reunion year.

2017 Reunion Giving

Year Current
 1957  60th  $220,161   45%
 1962  55th  $63,456   52%
 1967  50th  $27,090   31%
 1972  45th  $40,583   31%
 1977  40th  $16,175   27%
 1982  35th  $51,554   23%
 1987  30th  $19,039   25%
 1992  25th  $14,436   22%
 1997  20th  $22,321   26%
 2002  15th  $11,405   15%
 2007  10th  $5,247   24%
 *as of January 31, 2017

Give back.  Give to the future.

If you have questions about your class giving effort, please contact:

Ashley Snyder
Director of Annual Giving
(314) 935-9686
(877) 816-2586 (toll-free number)