Endowed Scholarships

Scholars in Medicine

Year after year, endowed scholarships offer talented young people the opportunity to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The goal of an endowment gift is to ensure that resources for scholarships will always be available. A portion of the earnings is reinvested each year to help the principal grow and provide an ever-increasing income. Larger endowments increase the support available for each student.

The strength of Washington University is founded upon the quality of its students and faculty. For generations to come, your endowment gift will help the university continue to attract the finest students in the world.

Endowed Scholarship Fund Giving Levels

Benefactor’s Scholarship or Fellowship $1,000,000
Founder’s Scholarship or Fellowship $500,000
Sustaining Scholarship or Fellowship $250,000
Scholarship or Fellowship $100,000
Student Development Fund $50,000
International Internship Fund $50,000
Internship Fund $25,000

Many endowed scholarships are funded through wills, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities or other planned gift vehicles. For more information about how you can make these provisions in your long-term planning, please contact Mark Weinrich, Executive Director of Planned Giving, at (800) 835-3503,  (314) 935-5373 or weinrich@wustl.edu.

What happens when I endow a scholarship?

Endowed scholarships are awarded one year after they have been fully funded at the minimum level. Scholarships are awarded every year thereafter. Donors will receive a student profile in the early fall that includes biographical information and a note of thanks from the recipient. The donor and scholarship recipient will be invited to the annual scholarship recognition dinner. In the spring, the donor will receive a formal stewardship report on the financial status of the scholarship fund.

When donors choose to establish a scholarship through a bequest commitment or life income gift, they will be invited to the annual scholarship recognition dinner.

Make your gift make an impact.
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