Endowed Research Funds

For medicine to advance, new knowledge must constantly be created through research. An endowed research fund provides stable support to maintain this momentum.

Through a portion of the income from permanently invested endowment gifts each year, School of Medicine faculty members have the freedom to explore new ideas that lay the groundwork for the next breakthrough. They have the resources to train tomorrow’s best scientists and academic physicians so that effective and creative research will continue. They have the support to work across disciplines so that disease will be approached in novel ways and discoveries made more quickly.

Endowed Professorship and Research Fund Giving Levels

These giving opportunities depend on the goals of the donor and should be considered with consultation of the Medical Alumni & Development office. Please call (314) 935-9691 for a consultation.

Visiting Scholar $300,000
Teaching Fund $100,000
Lectureship Fund $50,000
Research Fund $50,000

What happens when I establish an endowed research fund?

You have the opportunity to honor someone of your choice through the name of the fund, and to direct the fund to a particular department, division or field. Support from your endowed research fund will be available for projects one year after the fund has been fully funded at the minimum level.

You will receive a formal financial report and a stewardship report on the work and progress made possible with your fund’s support so that you are always aware of the impact of your gift on the School of Medicine, on the faculty, students, and fellows advancing the research and on the practice of medicine.

Make your gift make an impact.
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