Endowed Professorships

For Washington University to be counted among the premier institutions of higher education in the world, it must have a great faculty. And by far the best incentive to attract and retain the best scholars and teachers is the endowed professorship.

An endowed professorship is a long-term commitment to excellence. A portion of the income from your permanently invested endowment gift is used each year to provide for salary, benefits and research support for a selected faculty member at the School of Medicine. This support enables the professorship holder to initiate research and pioneer projects that offer the greatest potential for yielding breakthrough discoveries and to teach and train the next generation of exceptional physicians, scientists and medical professionals.

Endowed professorships are reserved for outstanding faculty. It is the highest honor a university can bestow upon a member of its faculty.

Endowed Professorship and Research Fund

Giving Levels

Distinguished Professorship $3,000,000
Professorship $2,000,000
Career Development Professorship $1,000,000
Visiting Professorship $1,000,000

What happens when I establish an endowed professorship?

You have the opportunity to honor someone of your choice through the name of the professorship, and to direct the professorship to a particular department, division or field. Your endowed professorship will be available to be filled by a faculty member one year after the professorship has been fully funded at the minimum level.

Once the professorship has been awarded, you will be a guest of honor at the installation ceremony and celebratory dinner for the selected professor. Every spring, you will receive a formal financial report and a full stewardship report on the work and progress of your endowed professor.

Make your gift make an impact.
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