An Investment in a Brighter Future

Unlike so many other institutions, universities and their medical schools do not come and go; they exist in perpetuity. To provide for an organization with such a lengthy lifespan, universities must be managed with an eye toward balancing present needs of faculty, residents and students with the needs of those who will walk the same paths hundreds of years in the future.

To this end, it is essential that a university have a significant endowment – a great number of funds created by gifts that are invested and can never be spent, and from which a portion of the income of those investments may be used to support the work of the institution and its faculty, residents and students each year. Our endowment has enabled Washington University to become one of the world’s leading institutions of higher learning and allowed us to address crucial challenges and seize opportunities that benefit society.

Our endowment is Washington University’s most reliable source of income and a foundation for excellence. An endowment gift is a long-term investment in the School of Medicine and in those learning and working here.

Endowment Giving Opportunities

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