Program in Audiology & Communication Sciences

How is the PACS Annual Fund Used?

Contributions to the Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences Annual Fund support student scholarships so the program can continue to recruit top-quality students. Your gifts will also help support program improvements, such as enhancing teaching and learning resources and expanding the hands-on practicum opportunities essential to our students’ training.

Why Is It Important?

100 percent of students in the PACS program receive some financial support — which in 2011 meant that 80 students received aid to help achieve their dream. Support for every student has been an important part of the program’s mission throughout its history and will continue to be in the years ahead.

Message from the Director

“Our mission in PACS is excellence in graduate education, and this mission guides all we do. Whether it is recruiting and retaining the “best and brightest” faculty and students, providing a curriculum that meets the needs of tomorrow’s professionals, or promoting the professions to a wider audience — PACS is always looking for ways to make our graduate programs better for the future audiologists, teachers of the deaf, and research scientists we train. It is these individuals who are truly at the center of all we do, which is why we work hard to support our students in every way possible.”

William W. Clark, PhD
Program Director and Professor of Otolaryngology


Gifts to the PACS Annual Fund support PACS program scholarships. Alumni can make a gift to annual scholarships and endowed scholarships.

The Annual Scholarship program offers donors the opportunity to sponsor a named scholarship on an annual basis. Your scholarship may be named in honor of yourself, a friend or a family member or in memory of a loved one. We encourage donors to pledge to renew their annual scholarships each year for a two- to four-year term.

Endowment gifts help ensure that resources for scholarships will always be available. A portion of the endowment earnings is reinvested each year to help the principal grow and provide an ever-increasing income. Larger endowments increase the support available for each student.

Give back.  Give to the future.

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