Alumni Awards

Each year, the Washington University Medical Center Alumni Association has the distinct pleasure of honoring a select group whose professional achievements, service to community and dedication to our institution are noteworthy.




Alumni Achievement Awards

George A. Mensah, MD ’85
Scott A. Mirowitz, MD ’85, HS ’89
Bradley L. Schlaggar, MD/PhD ’94, HS ’99
(reunion year ’90)
James L. Sweatt III, MD ’62
Peter Westervelt, MD/PhD ’92; HS ’94, HS ’99
(reunion year ’90)


Faculty Achievement Awards

Douglas F. Covey, PhD
Phillip I. Tarr, MD

Resident and Fellow
Alumni Achievement Award

Christine O. Menias, MD, HS ’99

Distinguished Service Award

M. Carolyn Baum, PhD ’93
Timothy J. Eberlein, MD




Alumni Achievement Awards

Sam B. Bhayani, MD ’96, HS ’98, HS ’02
Ellen F. Binder, MD ’81
Gary D. Luker, MD ’91
Mark A. Mintun, MD ’81, HS ’85
Jeffrey G. Ojemann, MD ’92, HS ’99
(reunion year ’91)
Janice Wann Semenkovich, MD ’81


Alumni Achievement Awards

Pamela G. Freeman, MD ’77
Jondavid Menteer, MD ’97
Leana S. Wen, MD ’07

All Former Honorees

The Alumni Awards Subcommittee of the Washington University Medical Center Alumni Association evaluates nominations each fall as part of the selection process. The Alumni Association Executive Council has the final voting decision.

Honoring alumni, faculty and staff.